sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

O 'Galo' caiu do poleiro

Em virtude de estar de cama com febre, muita autocompaixão
e mézinhas várias,
só voltarei a cantar quando os antibióticos cumprirem
a sua obrigação.
Até lá, divirtam-se na mesma...

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  1. Pah, as melhoras !!

    Vê lá, cuidado com as injecções, ou ainda ficas só a andar p'ra trás como aquela cheerleader americana....


    Entretanto aqui te deixo uma cançãozinha mais ou menos "a propósito" da tua desinfeliz condição, pela Peggy Lee , ou se preferires, pelo Elvis .

    Aguenta-te à bronca e peito cheio !!


  2. Claro, o Galo anda só em farras por outros galinheiros...e quem sabe mesmo ficando sem as suas famosas penas...só podia dar nisto !
    Mas com a mimuça que o deve rodear, em poucos dias ou mesmo horas vai arrebitar e cantar de novo !
    E talvez até já esteja sendo tratado ou mesmo acariciado por um tropel de belas enfermeiras, na ausencia da Enfermeira Mor :)

  3. Melhoras rápidas!

  4. Rápidas melhoras que este espaço é de leitura diária.

  5. Preguiça, é o que tu tens!!!
    A bem dizer, também tens direito...

  6. Compadre...arrebite-se e caminhe !Os tempos nan estan para mandrici e cá no Alintejo andemos devagarinho mas semos tesos como vosmicê bem sabe e a burrinha já zurra di sódades.
    Lá por se ter uma caganêra nan é caso prá genti sagachar.

  7. Enquanto não te recuperas, eis aqui a prova provada que a Argentina é algo mais que Perón, carne-de-vaca, Maradona, Gardel, Lionel Messi, Borges, 'gaúchos' e mesmo o Teatro Colón ...

  8. Unmade Beds (2009)

    A wonderful little gem that is close to perfection.

    I attended the World Premiere of "Unmade Beds" at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. This is the second feature from writer/director Alexis Dos Santos, whose first film, "Glue" (from Argentina), was one of my Top Picks of 2006 after having had its debut in Toronto. So naturally "Unmade Beds" was a must on my list and I had high expectations. It met and exceeded them.

    The film stars Déborah François and Fernando Tielve (Carlos in "The Devil's Backbone") as two naivé young expatriots living in London, wandering souls in search of a home. Axl (Tielve) is also looking for his mysterious English father, whom he hasn't known since his hazy early childhood. His nights consist of drinking, dancing, and waking up in strange beds with even stranger people. Meanwhile, Vera (François) has her sights set on a mysterious man as well -- someone with whom she can spend a night without commitment. She is equally lost in a cold world where eye contact and a smile are a rare commodity. This is the big city, and it can be cruel as hell. Their goals are different, or are they? The pulsating indie rock soundtrack seamlessly blends with the live music performed onstage in the concert club which doubles as their crash pad. Some tunes are reprised, with common themes paralleling the pair's progress (or not) in finding what they're searching for. Watch for Tielve's mirror "performance" of Black Moustache's "Hot Monkey, Hot Ass!" It was a crowd pleaser in all the screenings I've attended, especially since its boldness is in such stark contrast to the puppy dog innocence he displays through much of the narrative.

    The visuals are especially notable, as cinematographer Jakob Ihre captures the trippy, frenetic atmosphere of the concert hall. Using mostly hand-held camera and stage lighting, with its strobes on the dance floor flashing across his staggering frame, the viewer is made to feel just as drunk and clueless as Axl. Vera is constantly in motion as well, looking equally lost and vulnerable, as she glides through crowded London streets looking for companionship. The viewer is always a close observer, almost within arm's length. We want to reach out and hug these lonely strays but we can only watch helplessly and hope they'll each end up in someone's arms.

    Writer/director Alexis Dos Santos has grown tremendously as an artist -- while "Glue" was mostly improvised, "Unmade Beds" is not although it still retains a loose unscripted feel. That's a tribute to his insightful writing as well as the sensitive performances of Tielve and François. As a team, the three have crafted a wonderful little gem that is close to perfection.

    do coleguinha cinéfilo,
    larry-411, from the U.S.A.

  9. E noutra onda, aqui tens p'ra te consolar...

    Bonitinha e tão desesperada...
    Romy Schneider como Odette...

    o Serge Reggiani também entra neste flix. é de 1964, e o mais não digo, 'it's for me to know and for you to find out' (and google is your friend...)

    Et comme ont le saît d'ores et déjà, l'enfer, c'est les autres ...