domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Todos (mais ou menos) iguais...todos(muito) diferentes!

A UE é um grande saco de gatos.
Com tigres dente de sabre, angoras de pelo bem tratado
e uns quantos gatos vadios, famélicos
e com as costelas à mostra.
Infelizmente, Portugal faz parte
deste último grupo.

5 comentários:

  1. O pessoal anda 'butadinho' pessimista...

    (de um amigo brit. dos arredores de 'London town')

    The UK is finished, we can't even elect a Government, in debt, massive unemployment, not enough Police, high crime, high taxes.

  2. Não me consigo lembrar se já cá deixei isto, esta vem do meu amigo Wick, Praha, República Checa...

    (..)Seems to me all the southern countries have way too many lazy people, too generous social system and then they wonder wtf is going on.
    Though, they are kinda smart.
    Better to f$%k it up completely, that way other countries are forced to pay their bills.

    OT: I really doubt anyone really thinks Greece will ever pay the money back to Germany, UK, France and the rest of EU.

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of a joke that is European Union.


    (...)I wonder which country isn't in debt

    Consider this though:
    Average salary in Greece: 1700 EUR
    Average salary in Slovakia: 740 EUR

    Average pension in Greece: 1600 EUR
    Average pension in Slovakia: 340 EUR

    Yet, Slovakia must BORROW money (they do not have enough funds in their reserve) in order to GIVE the money to Greece.

  3. Saco de gatos....uma óva !
    Saco de ratos...sim...pois quando o barco afunda é só ver os ditos a saltar borda fora!!
    União Europeia...uma óva ! É sim uma ditadura europeia com o mesmo "chefe" de sempre, a Alemanha!

  4. Ainda um outro velho amigo, que vive na zona de Leeds, ali no meio da Inglaterra:

    Face it: what country isn't in deep shite in one way or another, incompetent governments everywhere who don't have a clue what to do, borrowing begging and stealing from other countries who themselves are in deep shite and can't afford to lend in the first place.

    It's rob Peter to pay Paul the world over and it's at every level from the wealthiest countries to the poorest single man.

    And you know what... it's gotten worse ever since the euro was introduced.

    The single currency has done no one any favours at all , it's left Europe totally open to manipulation from the outside countries and now we are all at the mercy of the yen and dollar with no room to negotiate.

    Even in UK though we still have our pound, it has no sway over the economy and the tidal wave of debt is crashing over all of us.

    Somehow I dont see this problem ever going away while the current lending system is in place, most countries in debt can barely afford to even pay the interest let alone the actual funds.

    I for one know that as each month passes it feels like my wages are worth less and less compared to 3 or 4 years ago and every month there's another small cutback that has to be made just to get through the month.

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